Monday, 24.04.2017
Don't forget to check out the EVENT section for our upcoming gigs! :D

Sunday, 12.02.2017
Happy Sunday everybody! I'm of course back with a new video on this lovely Sunday afternoon! And obviously I had to cover Ed Sheeran's other brand new song called "Castle On The Hill"! I really hope that you guys enjoy it!

Sunday, 06.02.2017
How´s everybody feeling today! I´m doing great and I`m super excited to share with you guys a new cover this Sunday afternoon!
Some of you may already know, that I´m a HUGE Ed Sheeran fan so I had to cover at least one of his two songs! I decided to cover first the song "Shape Of You" and I really hope that you guys enjoy it!

Wednesday, 01.02.2017
How´s everyone doing so far in the new year! I´m finally back with new video content on my YouTube channel! This past Sunday I uploaded my new video. I decided to cover "Million Reasons" originally by Lady Gaga since I really enjoy listening to that song! I hope that you guys like my little version of the song as well! I already filmed this week´s video on Monday. That one will go up on Sunday.
I decided to pick a specific day and time when I post my videos: There´s (hopefully) gonna be a new video every Sunday at 2PM (CET) up on my channel! So definitely stay tuned for those on your lazy Sundays!

Currently with the band we´re still recording our Musical(s)! So that´s really exciting. We´re gonna have three events in June/July in Switzerland. To of them are open for everyone (one of them isn´t quite fixed yet, but more infos are gonna be up soon)!

Saturday, 24.12.2016
I'm going to take a little break from YouTube over the Holidays and I'll be back with new videos in January!

Sunday, 23.10.2016
Hope all of you are doing wonderful today!
I just quickly wanted to share the news that we're gonna participate this year also in the nantional swiss selection of the Eurovision Song Contest. But this year there won't be a public voting since theres a jury of 20 people that are going to select the artists that ar gonna be performing live on TV on the 4th of December!
However, I just wanted to share with you this but of course also the song that we wrote! I created a little music video for it! I really hope that you guys enjoy this song!
As always: for those of you that can't watch my videos on YouTube, I also posted it on Facebook:


Thank you very much for your support and please don't forget to share the song on Facebook and Twitter with your friends!

Friday, 23.09.2016
Sara McLoud - Where To Go (Official Music Video)

Guys, I'm so excited that the new music video is finally here! I worked with Alexander Rodshtein this time! The video turned out absolutely amazing! Best video I've ever released in my opinion! I'm already excited to work with this guy on future-videos!
If you're also a musician or need a guy that helps you out with filming - DEFINITELY CHECK OUT HIS FACEBOOK PAGE!

I really hope that you guys enjoy this video as well! Don't forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends!Don't forget to download the song on iTunes or any other online music store/website! Hopefully we can reach a lot of people with this video!

Link to the YouTube Video: Sara McLoud - Where To Go

Wednesday, 24.08.2016
Gusy! My new music video "ALRIGHT" just went live on YouTube! You can click on it down below! I really do appreciate all your support so definitely give it thumbs up if you enjoy it!
Tomorrow I'm gonna have two interviews with two radio stations in Switzerland and I'm gonna vlog the whole day (gonna share that one with you next week)!

I really hope that you enjoy my new video! Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! There's gonna be another one next month so definitely keep an eye out for that one!
On Sunday there's gonna be a little Vienna vlog that I created about my Vienna-Trip!

Friday, 22.07.2016
How's it going everyone! We're having some really exciting news for you!
Our new album HANDMADE is officially out now and you can get it everywhere! It would be awesome if you get the download of it or buy your copy off from a website that sells it! So far we're pretty happy with the feedback that we got!

There's gonna be a little showcase at the HESO in September with Radio 32 in Solothurn! Definitely come and say hi to Charlie and I if your at the Herbstmesse anyways! Would be really nice!
Within the next few weeks there are already some interviews for newspapers and radio stations planned - that's also really exciting!

Thursday, 09.06.2016
We have a new Playlist on out YouTube Channel! It's called "Acoustic Live Session"! There are going to be more and more acoustic live versions of your upcoming album "Handmade"! So definitely check this Playlist out!
I also made a little announcement yesterday about the upcoming album!

Please check these videos out! More infos about the upcoming album will be posted on Facebook and YouTube!
As you may know the band and I are going to Nashville from the 18th to 27th of June! So I'm definitely going to post some vlog-material on my YouTube Channel! I really hope that you will enjoy them!

There are more videos to come within the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

Thursday, 05.05.2016
What's up friends! I hope that you all had an amazing day today! As I promised I'm back again with another video!
I decided to cover an older song from Simple Plan called "Astronaut". It's a really beautiful song!

I hope that you guys enjoy this weeks video! Don't forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and give it a thumbs up if you like it!

Simple Plan - Astronaut | Sara McLoud (cover)

Friday, 28.04.2016
What's up friends! I'm back this week with a new video and I'm so excited to share this one with you since I really like how it turned out! I finally covered "Don't" originally performed by Ed Sheeran! He's one of my musicians and back in 2015 I had the pleasure to see him live in Zurich and it was MIND-BLOWING! But anyway guys I hope that you can see that I put a lot of effort into this video with all the different backing vocals! So please check it out and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Ed Sheeran - Don't | Sara McLoud (cover)

I love creating new content for you guys! Thanks for all your support and stay tuned for next week's video! Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 20.04.2016
Hi, wir haben es geschafft und sind im Finale. Jetzt benötigen wir eure Unterstützung für die Möglichkeit das Riverside Open Air in Aarburg zu rocken. Jede Aktivität zählt. Bitte liked, teilt und kommentiert das Bild!

What's up friends! We made it into the final of the Riverside Open Air voting but now we need YOUR help! Share this picture, like it and/or leave a comment below! At the end the four bands with the most likes, shares and comments will make it on the Riverside Op...en Air Stage in September!

LINK: Like, teile und kommentiere den obersten Post auf der Sara McLoud Site (Bild mit Riverside Logo darauf) / Like, share and comment on the post at the top of the Sara McLoud Facebook Fan Site (Picture with the Riverside Logo on it) - Sara McLoud Facebook Fanpage


Tuesday, 19.04.2016
Hello everyone! I'm back today with another video for you guys! I decided to cover "Far Away" originally performed by Nickelback! I really like this song and the whole band (especially their older songs!). I hope that you guys like my homemade version of it! Don't forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and if you have a youtube-account, then definitely subscribe to my channel so that you get a notification whenever I post a new video!
As always, if you guys have any recommendation then please leave me your video ideas in the comments down below! I hope that you're gonna have an awesome week! :)

Link: Nickelback - Far Away | Sara McLoud (cover) (you can also find the video down below!)

Friday, 15.04.2016
What's up everyone! I really hope that you're all doing great! I'm currently in the process to edit my website completely. I decided to make it more clean and simple looking!
As you guys probably can tell I invested a lot of time and effort into my YouTube channel and into the videos that I've posted within the last few weeks. The one that you guys seemed to like the most was a Simple Plan cover called "Perfectly Perfect"! It's absolutely amazing that we've reached already more than 1200 views on that one! As I already said on Facebook this week there won't be a new video! Why? I had a pretty big and important exam this week (I passed it!!! :D) and so I did't have the time to prepare some good content for you guys! But either on Monday or Tuesday of next week I'm going to post one for you! So definitely stay tuned for that!